At AESG, specialist staff support students who are applying to Oxford, Cambridge and competitive courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Law.

Our programme includes:

  • Individually tailored interview practice with experienced staff and visiting experts
  • Extensive preparation for admissions tests with subject specialists
  • Super-curricular activities like academic book reviews and presentations that enable students to indulge and demonstrate their love of their subject through wider reading and investigations
  • Assistance with organising exciting and relevant work experience
  • Lectures from a wide range of visiting speakers that challenge our students and deepen their intellectual curiosity
  • Personalised advice on crafting a UCAS application that is tailored to their subject and universities

In the Lower Sixth Year, weekly Higher Education sessions and our Early Entrants’ day provide students with plentiful opportunities to research, think, discuss and refine the skills they need to succeed in their applications.

With support from staff, our Sixth Form students also run the Early Applicants’ Society. Pupils in the Senior School are invited to join the society from Year 10 and enjoy the intellectually rigorous activities organised by our Sixth Form leaders.