Timings of the Day

7.30am – 8am

FREE Breakfast Club

Drop off times are either 7.30am or 7.50am

8.30am – 3.15pm

Nursery and Pre-School

Doors open at 8.15am

Until 5.45

After-school care with Fun@TheEdge

(additional cost)

Please note: A minimum of two full days or three mornings is required in Nursery and either 3 full days or five mornings in Pre-School.

Fun@The Edge

To find out more or register your daughter(s) please contact:

Suzanne Beaden
t: 07548 984165
e: [email protected]

Early years students at AESG

Food and Nutrition

The Nursery & Pre-School enjoy our delicious school meals, which are provided in our school dining room. It’s a social and enjoyable experience where staff can encourage healthy eating and good table manners.

All the food is cooked from fresh, raw ingredients and a weekly menu is available on the website. Each morning the girls are shown pictures of the meals and are encouraged to make a choice for their lunch. As well as a hot lunch, the girls are provided with a healthy morning and afternoon snack such as toast, fruit and vegetables.

Health & Wellbeing

The physical well-being and safety of the children in our care is paramount and we are delighted that our Early Years department has been awarded Millie’s Mark – a gold standard in the provision of Paediatric First Aid, with all our staff fully trained.

Millie's Mark logo

We actively encourage positive mental health and have introduced Mindfulness Mondays. At the start of each week, the girls take a Mindfulness Workshop. During the workshop, the girls will practice breathing techniques, guided relaxation and visualisations as well as class discussions on feelings and emotions. By introducing Mindfulness at an early age, we aim for it to become an integrated part of the girls’ lives, benefiting from it now and in years to come.