Students at Alderley Edge School for Girls have the wonderful opportunity to take part in the Yipiyap “Train to Tutor” programme, which trains students how to become peer tutors for pupils within the lower school. During this inspiring Peer Tutor Programme students will be given the skills to tutor in Maths, English and Science and it will serve as a standout addition to their personal statement, equipping them with valuable soft skills, including professionalism, leadership and emotional intelligence.


Why Become a Peer Tutor?

Enhance Your Skills:

Participates take part in Yipiyap’s cutting-edge "Train to Tutor" course, which includes five dynamic modules covering essential topics such as pedagogy, enterprise, public speaking and self-reflection. This training ensures that you are fully prepared to deliver engaging and effective tutoring sessions.


Make a Difference:

As a peer tutor, you will be matched with younger students, serving as a relatable mentor and an inspiring role model. Your guidance will create a supportive learning atmosphere, helping tutees achieve up to five months of additional academic progress.


Ms. Billington, Head of Sixth Form:

"We are thrilled to be working with Yipiyap. The programme not only boosts academic performance but also builds invaluable skills and confidence in our Sixth Formers. This experience will serve them exceptionally well in their future pursuits."


Ann Morris, Founder and CEO of Yipiyap:

"What sets our programme apart is its simplicity and effectiveness. Once students complete the 'Train to Tutor' course, they are ready to make a positive impact in the lower school, enhancing their peers' educational journeys."