Welcome to Reception

Reception is an exciting and important year in the Prep School.  Whilst we still focus on the Early Years Curriculum, girls learn many skills that will equip them for future schooling and for life.

As well as academic learning, we also teach the girls to have a strong moral compass, how to be a good friend and kindness. We teach the girls to be resourceful, lead their own learning and develop communication skills.

In Reception, we foster a love of learning and curiosity by exploring the world around us and interacting with the natural world. We also learn self-regulation and how we can work together as a team and support the needs of ourselves and each other. It is a joy to work alongside the children to support them through this transition from Pre-School and into Year 1.

- Mrs Bathurst, Reception Teacher


I couldn’t have hoped for a more positive start to my daughter’s education in Reception. The small class size meant individual attention was given to all girls and they were able to learn at a pace to suit them. There was a good balance of play, encouraging important social skills, and a more formal approach when the girls were ready. Parents were welcomed into school to celebrate achievements and learning was shared. My daughter was consistently well cared for in a positive and fun environment and I was delighted with the progress she made during her first year at AESG.

Mrs Buckley (Prep Parent)


In Reception, we deliver a well-planned, exciting, engaging and innovative curriculum that meets the needs of each child. Our small class sizes with high adult / pupil ratios helps girls develop their own talents through encouragement and positive praise.

They have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which includes a variety of theme days, trips and visits to engage their learning. The girls are given a solid foundation which focuses on providing them with a tool kit of skills to take with them for life.

Trips & Visits

Reception is the time where the girls can dip their toes into the amazing Enrichment programme at AESG. Whether they are interested in art, singing, music, gardening or more sporting endeavours they have the chance to try different activities and see where their talents lie. We spend time out and about in the Community visiting the local Care Home and chatting with the residents or visiting the park or library. We have also ventured further afield to the Blue Planet Aquarium and Chester Zoo.