Gifted & Talented

We are committed to enabling all of our students to reach their individual potential, including those who are identified as gifted and / or talented.

Gifted pupils (those who have the potential to excel academically in one or more subject) and talented pupils (those who have practical skills in areas such as sport, music, design or creative and performing arts) are identified by school staff so that they can receive the challenge and stretch necessary to achieve their individual potential.

Identification of gifted pupils

Academic scholarships are awarded to those students who have performed exceptionally well in the entrance examination. These students are classified as academically gifted. At the beginning of Year 7, or on entry to the School, all pupils will also take a MidYIS test and those achieving a score of 126 or more will be recognised as gifted. Students may also be identified as gifted in a particular subject by a subject teacher due to, for instance, their engagement in lessons or ongoing outstanding assessment results.

Identification of talented pupils

Girls can be identified as talented in a practical area. Such girls may be awarded a scholarship after a pre-entry assessment in Year 6 or Year 11 (e.g. sport, art, performing arts, music) or may be considered talented because of their ongoing engagement in lessons or outstanding results.

All members of staff contribute to the gifted and talented programme by planning and executing differentiated lessons which include open-ended activities to challenge and push our students to achieve the best they can. In addition, our girls are provided with enrichment opportunities both within school and by outside agencies. These can be in the form of workshops, guest lectures and visits.

Girls are encouraged to challenge themselves by participating in Maths Challenges, Linguistics Olympiads, Spelling Bees, Model United Nations, Symposium (academic lecture and project club), public speaking, debating, academic and sporting competitions and many other enriching activities. Girls in Year 9 are also encouraged to take the Higher Project Qualification and in Year 12, the Extended Project Qualification.

Girls who are talented sportswomen, artists, actresses or musicians are provided with plenty of opportunities to challenge themselves and to develop their skills and technique. For instance, we have a number of girls who play sport at County level and girls compete in national sporting competitions. There are regular drama performances, art workshops, art competitions and lunchtime music recitals, as well as a wide variety of different choirs and musical ensembles. We offer musical tuition in school, with pupils taking ABRSM examinations; a number have achieved distinctions at Grade 8 in recent years and have gone on to study at Diploma level whilst in the Sixth Form. We also provide LAMDA lessons in school if a student would like to pursue formal speech and acting classes. The Alderley Edge Festival is a highlight for our musical and dramatic students!

Girls wishing to apply for highly competitive courses and / or top universities, (including Oxbridge), are given support in the form of mentoring and preparation sessions as well as practice interviews both in school and at other institutions.

The Director of Studies coordinates the Gifted and Talented programme.

Nursery and Pre-School Taster Day

Tuesday 26 June 2018 from 9:30am – 11:30am

For girls aged 2 – 4