Years 1 and 2

The curriculum for our infant children in Years 1 and 2 ensures a seamless transition from our Early Years, with continued opportunities for practical ‘hands-on’ learning experiences alongside more focused teaching of the key skills of reading, writing and mathematics. The curriculum makes sure that the children acquire an excellent understanding of key concepts and build on their current knowledge. A systematic teaching of phonics ensures that the very good progress in reading and writing that children make in Reception, continues throughout Year 1 and into Year 2.

Each day is a happy and active day, full of opportunities to develop new skills and understanding. Young children do not compartmentalise their learning, so our integrated, topic based approach, always with a theme to enthuse and inspire, provides a rich learning environment across the different subject areas. Trips and visits out enhance the children’s experience whilst visiting ‘experts’ into school also add an extra dimension to our rich and stimulating curriculum.

Years 3 to 6

Throughout the Junior School there is a strong emphasis on Maths and English. We combine traditional values and teaching methods with modern technology and innovation; for instance, iPads are used regularly to enhance the girls’ learning.

Our bespoke integrated curriculum merges subject areas into topics. Providing links between the subjects enhances learning and presents girls with challenges which foster an excitement and curiosity to learn, both in class and independently.

Modern Foreign Languages, Computing and Drama are taught by staff from the Senior School contributing to the smooth transition that pupils experience as they move from Year 6 into Year 7.

Art and Design Technology is an important part of the creative aspect of the curriculum and we often experience success in both local and national competitions.

PE is enjoyed throughout the Junior School and is delivered by our own PE specialists. Sports include netball, hockey, cross country, athletics and rounders. In addition to the curriculum, a comprehensive programme of fixtures take place after school.

Nursery and Pre-School Taster Day

Tuesday 26 June 2018 from 9:30am – 11:30am

For girls aged 2 – 4