Aspire not to have more, but to be more.

We are a high-achieving, academic and dynamic school which fosters the well-being of each individual within an exciting, challenging and supportive environment. We recognise commitment, hard work and success, setting ourselves the highest academic challenges to develop our talents to the full.

We are proud of our school and its Christian values, yet respect the beliefs of others in our community. We believe in social justice for all and feel a sense of responsibility for those less fortunate, for whom we provide support both locally and globally through our fundraising and community service.

Our Aims

1. We are an academic school, and we aim to ensure that every girl is a diligent and confident learner who achieves her full academic potential. Our broad, rich and balanced curriculum maximises opportunities for the girls to excel, with excellent teaching and high expectations in the classroom. Close monitoring and regular assessments, combined with knowing each girl as an individual, ensure that she is stretched, challenged and motivated to succeed. By providing a stimulating, challenging and exciting learning environment we aim to develop independent learners with inquiring minds, a thirst for knowledge and passion for lifelong learning.

2. We provide an enrichment programme which offers a huge range of opportunities for girls to achieve outside the classroom. Whether it be through sport, music, drama, public speaking, subject specific activities, Duke of Edinburgh or Community Service, girls can – and do – succeed. Girls develop important skills for life and become interested, aware and empathetic, showing a genuine concern for others and are keen to do all they can to make this a better world, both locally and globally.

3. We are proud of our Christian foundation which encourages girls to explore their spirituality, within a supportive, open and accepting environment. We are a Christian school and happily welcome others who share our values. We aim to ensure that all girls develop empathy for others and a strong moral compass based on Christian principles. Our supportive, pro-active pastoral care ensures that girls feel they belong to the school community and treat others with respect.

4. Our aim is to educate girls aged 2 to 18 within a positive, empowering environment which encourages them to think creatively, aim high and play an active part within the school community. We value the importance of an all-girls’ education and all the benefits this brings them. There are numerous opportunities for girls to develop both team working and leadership skills and to help guide the school and their peers forward. In this way they learn important life skills which prepare them for the world of work and they leave us as impressive young women who make a difference.

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